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Order Early and Have a Peace of Mind

Our Build and Hold Program is available to all customers. Send us your summer projects and WB will build your furniture during off-peak season. We’ll store your products at our insured warehouse, free of charge and ship them to you when you are ready.


Program Benefits

  • Avoid delays and ensure on-time delivery
  • Stored at WB’s insured warehouse
  • Stored free of charge
  • WB can hold the product until you are ready if there are construction delays.
  • Deliver to you exactly when you need the product reducing the chance for on-site damage.
  • Virtually eliminate punch list items.


PO Receipt Deadline: End of March

Purchase order must include all color selections, accessories, quantities, etc.


For more information on incentives for the Build & Hold Program: Contact your salesperson or customer service today!

(800) 242-2303


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