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Are cabinets fully assembled?

With the exception of extremely large cabinets, our cabinets ship fully assembled.  However, you may be required to install casters and pulls on site due to shipping considerations.

Shelves: How do I install and remove shelves from WB products?


Do you offer wall cabinets in the REplay® specification?

We do not offer wall cabinets in this specification, be we can provide our CaseworkUSA® cabinets in TFL materials if requested.

How big can cabinets be built?

Cabinet sizes are limited by the size of our machinery and by shipping considerations. You will also need to consider how you will move a large cabinet through your building. Taking into consideration the size of the doorways through which it will need to move and how tall ceilings are. In general we fabricate cabinets no wider than 48″, no taller than 96″ and no deeper than 48″. However, extremely large cabinets can be shipped in parts for ease of shipment and movement through buildings. For example, a 60″ x 83″ x 40″ cabinet would be shipped knocked down for the onsite assembly.

Can I install my REplay® cabinets all in a row with a single long countertop rather than having all those seams?

Absolutely! If you intend to install your base cabinets in a row, we can fabricate them without the standard integral countertop, then supply a continuous top (maximum length 144”) for no additional fee. This top would be installed on site by your installer.

Can these cabinets be fastened to a wall?

Although REplay® style cabinets do not have a nailing strip in the back like Casework USA cabinets, you can still fasten base and wall cabinets to a wall through the ¾” back.

Can you build any sort of cabinet?

WB Manufacturing only fabricates plastic laminate cabinets with particle board or plywood core materials. We do not offer finished wood, metal or phenolic cabinets of any kind. We do offer limited customization but more intricate cabinets which include full glass doors, electrical or HVAC accessories are not available for WB Manufacturing.

How shallow can I build a mobile cabinet?

Safety is our primary concern. Mobile cabinets have become very popular over the past several years and we do offer a wide variety of mobile units. The safe recommended depth of any mobile cabinet is dependent on height, width, number of drawers and doors and caster size. Please contact our design department for safety details.