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Are cabinets fully assembled?

With the exception of extremely large cabinets, our cabinets ship fully assembled.  However, you may be required to install casters and pulls on site due to shipping considerations.

Shelves: How do I install and remove shelves from WB products?


How do I remove my cabinet door?

First, you need to identify your hinge:

For a Blum Hinge:

For a Salice Hinge:

What is a filler?

A filler is a strip of panel which will hold your cabinet away from the wall. This serves two purposes:
– It ensures that there is enough room between the cabinet and the wall that doors and drawers open without impediment.
– It allows your installer to scribe the filler to conform with wall imperfections.
Fillers are available in base, wall, tall and corner applications.

What is a finished wall bottom?

Also to keep costs down, some customers request that the bottoms of their wall cabinets be finished with white materials. While this will save some money, a white wall cabinet bottom will not be as attractive as a wall cabinet which is fabricated with matching decorative laminate materials.

Can cabinets be made with non-standard laminates?

WB Manufacturing has a wide range of attractive high pressure laminate colors to choose from. However, if you desire a laminate color not in our collection, WB can manufacture the cabinet with virtually any high pressure laminate on the market. Additional fees and extended lead times are both possible depending on the price and availability of the laminate and compromises with edge banding are possible.

Can you build a semi exposed cabinet with anything other than a white interior?

WB Manufacturing CaseworkUSA® cabinets include a white cabinet interior for all cabinets with doors and drawers. If required we can fabricate interiors with almond or black interiors for an additional fee.

Can you build any sort of cabinet?

Cabinet sizes are limited by the size of our machinery and by shipping considerations. You will also need to consider how you will move a large cabinet through your building. Taking into consideration the size of the doorways through which it will need to move and how tall ceilings are. In general we fabricate cabinets no wider than 48″, no taller than 96″ and no deeper than 48″. However, extremely large cabinets can be shipped in parts for ease of shipment and movement through buildings. For example, a 60″ x 83″ x 40″ cabinet would be shipped knocked down for the onsite assembly.

What is a finished end?

To keep costs down, the ends of cabinets which are not exposed to view are fabricated with white panels. A finished end refers to the end of a cabinet, which will be exposed to view, which will be finished with decorative plastic laminate to match the face of the cabinet.

Why isn't there a toe kick on my cabinet? It's only raw plywood!

Plywood ladder bases are durable and moisture resistant and can be finished with any number of materials including tile, carpet, vinyl/rubber base trim or paint. CW-USA cabinets must be leveled, using shims or furring strips, we leave the ladder base unfinished it would not be possible to cover the shims needed for leveling. WB Manufacturing does offer option HPL toe kick trim pieces in both black and matching colors which your installers can use to finish your new cabinets after they have been leveled.