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Over the last few years, nearly half of Americans (48.2%) have increased their prioritization on wellness. With more people placing importance on physical, mental and emotional well-being, the demand for wellness centers is on the rise.


Whether you’re establishing a new center or revitalizing an existing one, you’ve come to the right place.


Let’s explore tips for creating an inviting wellness center that attracts new members and promotes a sense of community:


1. Create a Welcoming Entrance


The first space visitors will see when they walk through the front door of your wellness center is the lobby or reception area. To leave a lasting first impression, consider using warm colors, natural lighting and welcoming signage to make them feel comfortable.


Make it easy for members to check in with a designated reception area, and make sure to have enough space available for employees to focus on greeting and serving guests. At WB, we have a variety of reception area desks that you can customize to meet your exact needs.


Waiting areas are also a great addition to any lobby. Incorporate Fomcore’s soft seating so guests have a comfortable place to sit while they wait for a tour, meeting or wellness activity.

wellness center reception area rendering


2. Provide Secure Locker Rooms


It’s important to provide a clean and secure space for members to safely store their belongings during their wellness activities. Incorporate lockers that seamlessly blend into the overall inviting look and appeal of your wellness center. Our laminate lockers are an ideal choice, featuring long-lasting durability for heavy foot traffic and versatile designs to match the space. We also have several locker lock options depending on the overall needs of your center.

wellness center locker room


3. Offer Different Types of Exercise Spaces


As your membership grows, so does the demand for a variety of exercise spaces. Because of this, it’s best to design your wellness center to cater to different fitness preferences. To accomplish this, create dedicated workout rooms for specific types of exercise, such as a yoga studio or spin room. Include a variety of different workout equipment, like free weights, machines and cardio equipment.


Also, make sure your wellness center is inclusive of all fitness levels and abilities. This can be achieved through beginner-friendly classes, having knowledgeable staff on hand for guidance and support, and ensuring that the space is accessible to those with disabilities. Providing benches and other seating options throughout these spaces can especially be helpful for those who need to take breaks or modify their workouts.

yoga studio rendering


4. Boost Community Engagement


If you’re planning to host local events like club meetings, workshops and more, a community room that can be used for many different activities is a must-have for any wellness center. Consider flexible tables like our Café Tables or Flip Top Tables, and mobile storage options like our REplay® Mobile Storage that can easily be rearranged to accommodate different activities and maximize the space.

community room rendering


5. Offer Childcare


When designing a wellness center, you also have to think about how you’re going to cater to people with children. Designate a space for childcare, employing staff to watch children as parents utilize other parts of your wellness center without worry. From unique and colorful storage options to tables in children’s height ranges, we offer pieces that create an environment where children can learn and play while parents focus on their well-being.

childcare center rendering


6. Design an Inviting Employee Break Room


While it’s important to create spaces that attract new members, keeping employees happy should also remain a priority. That’s where an employee break room comes into play. A well-designed break room can boost employee morale, increase productivity and improve job satisfaction.


Here are some ways to make the most of your employee break room:


  • Comfortable seating: Incorporate comfortable seating options to encourage relaxation, such as Fomcore’s soft seating.
  • Durable tables: Our Café Tables and our new Flip Top Tide Tables are excellent choices for your employees to use during their lunch breaks. Combine them with our Sconnie Chairs or HangOut Stools to create the perfect table and chair setup.
  • Kitchen area: Create a clean and functional space for employees to make their lunch with our CaseworkUSA® Fixed Storage, featuring ample counter space, storage and configurations for the perfect kitchen setup. If you want added flexibility and the option to rearrange in the future, opt for our REplay® Mobile and Modular Storage.
  • Entertainment: Include entertainment in the break room, like TVs or pool tables. This will help employees unwind and take their minds off work for a little while.
  • Personal storage: Provide secure lockers or cubbies where employees can store personal belongings such as jackets, car keys and more during work hours.


By creating a comfortable and inviting break room, you can help boost employee satisfaction and create a more positive workplace culture.

employee breakroom rendering


Our Expertise in Creating Community-Focused Wellness Centers


At WB, we understand the importance of creating a wellness center that fosters a sense of community and well-being. Whether it’s offering customizable furniture solutions for reception areas, locker rooms, or community rooms, our team is ready to help you design a space that caters to a diverse group of people. Explore our Wellness Center Lookbook and then reach out to let our design experts get to work!