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What do you enjoy the most working in the educational/furniture industry?

I love working with the people. They are very driven, motivated and caring individuals that just want the best for the students. Seeing the finished product with the kids in the spaces, after all of the hard work that everyone put into each project, is so rewarding and makes it all worth while.



What are some favorite places you’ve visited?

I really love visiting Florida as I grew up going there as a child. I love the warm weather, the ocean and I’m a thrill seeker so I also enjoy going to all the theme parks and visiting the Everglades. I also really enjoyed my time in Charolotte, NC at EdSpaces. The city was beautiful and very pretty at night!


What do you like to do during your free time?

I have a large garden that I maintain all summer and then my husband and I get together with my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-law and brother-in-law to can all the veggies and fruits from the garden. I also love to mow, be outside, watch my kids playing sports (consumes most of my freetime 😉),  watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play, visit wineries and we have a large pool that I love to hang out in.

Inspirational Quotes

I have 2 that I really try to live by.

  1. Do what scares you. Great things never come from comfort zones.
  2. There are two things you can control in life, your attitude and your effort.