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Reading is more than just picking up a good book. It’s a magical journey that can transport us to different worlds, ignite our imagination and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. It can also improve language skills and even boost reading performance. In fact, all it takes is 6 additional minutes of reading per day to significantly improve kids’ reading performance.


That’s why it’s important to promote reading in school. One of the most effective ways to encourage reading is by creating a cozy and inviting reading nook in your classroom or library.


Follow these tips to create a reading nook that will inspire and engage students:


1. Choose the Perfect Location


The first step to creating a reading nook is finding the perfect spot. Look for an area that is away from high-traffic zones and noise. If that’s not possible, you can still create a semi-private space using curtains or dividers. This can help students focus on their reading without distractions.


To create a soothing atmosphere, choose a spot near a window that offers plenty of natural light. You can also use lamps with soft, warm lighting if being near a window isn’t an option.


media center reading nook  rendering


2. Comfortable Seating is Key


Invest in comfortable seating options that invite students to curl up with a book. Check out the variety of seating options we offer:


  • Reading Tree: Bring stories to life with our Reading Tree, featuring a cushioned design that provides a comfortable sitting space for students.
  • Reading Fort: Need a quiet space for your students to unwind? Our Reading Fort is their sanctuary! The open-top design ensures plenty of light for reading adventures while the circular cutouts keep your line of sight clear. Add an optional markerboard for homework or self-expression! A soft seating insert is included for added comfort.
  • Book Bench: Opt for seating with built-in storage like our Book Bench to maximize space.

reading tree reading fort rendering


3. Soft Textiles


Incorporate soft textiles to add warmth to the space. Use rugs, curtains, pillows and throw blankets to create a sense of coziness. These textiles can also help define the reading nook within the larger room.

media center soft textiles example


4. Thoughtful Decor


Decorate the nook with a theme that resonates with reading, imagination or adventure. Posters, wall art and decorations that celebrate the joy of reading can add a touch of magic to the space.

children's library thoughtful decor


5. Curate a Book Haven


Place bookshelves and displays within arm’s reach of the seating area. Having a variety of reading materials easily accessible will encourage students to explore different genres and authors. Consider opting for our Media Center Kit #2, which combines our Curved Bookcases with Soft Seating by Fomcore for the ultimate reading setup.

media center kit #2 room rendering


6. Flexibility in Design


Design the reading nook with flexibility in mind. Consider using movable furniture like our Mobile Bookcases that can be rearranged to accommodate different reading preferences or group sizes.


7. Greenery


Introduce a touch of nature with indoor plants or greenery. Not only do plants add visual appeal, but they also contribute to a calming and refreshing atmosphere. If live plants aren’t your thing, you can always use faux plants or furniture that resembles plants, like our Reading Tree.

media center greenery example


Let’s Create A Reading Oasis


Having a reading nook in your classroom or library is an invaluable way to foster a lifelong love for reading and learning among students. With our wide range of comfortable seating options and book storage solutions, we can collaborate with you to create a reading nook that sparks adventure, learning and imagination. Reach out today to get started!